Thinking about decorating with blue, read on for some ideas…

Having created this new display in the shop, it has  prompted me to think about using blue in your home.

Decorating with blue inspiration at Source for the Goose, South Molton, Devon

Decorating with blue can be a daunting process. Traditionally, blue is seen as a colour that is on the cooler end of the spectrum. However, I like to use it as an alternative to neutral greys, as it will bring a calmness to a room. Read on for some tips and styling ideas for using blue. 

Traditional Blues

Think about traditional blue and white china, such as old Cornishware or Willow Pattern. This style of ceramic is perfect for a country cottage style kitchen. Picture it on the shelves of an old pine dresser or a vintage plate rack. I am a fan of useable decor; in other words don’t place them there just to look pretty. Bring them into everyday use for  meals  with your family or dinner with guests.

Old pine dresser with blue and white china at Source for the Goose, South Molton, Devon, UK


Inky Blues

Inky blues are strong and dusky and work well in many different room styles. Annie Sloan’s Oxford Navy Chalk Paint is a good example of this colour. An example of this is here, on a chest of drawers I painted for the shop. This chest of drawers works well with my vintage style. As an alternative, this colour adds drama to a room when used on a statement wall or paintwork.

Chest of Drawers painted in Annie Sloan Oxford Navy at Source for the Goose , South Molton, Devon


Cool blues

 Living in Devon, surrounded by coastline, cool blues have an impact on decor for many people. In other words, think of a room style which reflects the coastal vibes. Having whitewashed floorboards and blue toned furniture and furnishings will help achieve this. Mix these with some rustic wood to complete the look. The whitewashed look is very easy to achieve with Chalk Paint.  All you need to do is water down some Old White Chalk Paint and then apply the paint with a rag, finishing with wax or lacquer.

This cabinet painted in Annie Sloan Louis Blue Chalk Paint is a good example of a cool blue. Imagine this paired with the Denim Jute Rug for this look.

Vintage blue kitchen cabinet  for sale at Source for the Goose, Devon, UK



























This way of decorating with blue can also feature in Swedish or Nordic influenced styles. Furniture can be in blue toned greys and whites, along side gentle pale blues. An example of this is below in a window display in the shop a few years ago.

Nordic, Gustavian inspired window display at Source for the Goose, Devon


Colour and Blue

Blue can be very impactful if you pair it with other colours. Check out the Kashmir or Misty Blue range of braided rugs to see how blue can appear warmer when paired with reds and other colours. 

 Decorating with blue with the Misty Blue Braided Rug at Source for the Goose, Devon


As an alternative, for a warm but more muted pairing, you could use ochre or mustard yellows. Look how different this setting is from the top photo with the addition of some mustard tones in the Cirrus Yellow and Blue Rug.

Decorating with blue and yellow in your home, ideas and inspiration at Source for the Goose, Devon

The one blue I haven't mentioned is Duck Egg Blue, I am saving that for when I talk about decorating with green! Watch this space...
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