Opening 15th June- giveaways and more...

I’m looking forward to opening the doors again to the shop on Monday 15th June at 10am.
To celebrate this, and as a huge thank you to all my customers, I will also be running a couple of give-away competitions, which you can enter during that week. One of these will be on my social media channels and one will be in store only. I’ll be announcing these on the day, so make sure you check in on Facebook or Instagram.
There will be some changes to your experiences at Source for the Goose to allow for social distancing. I have installed a sneeze guard at the desk, this is to ensure customers feel safe and comfortable. there will also be a supply of hand sanitiser to be used when you enter the shop. Those of you who know the shop, can understand that it is a tactile as well as a visual experience. Hand sanitising at the entrance will give you the opportunity to pick items up, but I will be suggesting that limited items are handled. For customers to be able to move freely around the shop, there will be a limit of two customers in the shop at the same time. This is ideal at Source for the Goose, as customers will truly have a personal shopping experience!
Shop display at Source for the Goose, Devon
Alongside those preparations, I’ve been updating the displays at Source for the Goose. I’m often asked how I decide what the display is going to be. The starting point is invariably a piece of furniture. As you will know if you visit the shop, virtually everything you can see (apart from me!) is for sale. I get quite a few shocked expressions when someone walks in whilst I’m moving something large. Mostly, I do this myself, but I have been known to pop into the pub across the road to see if I can buy a drink for anyone in there to help shift something that’s a bit too large for me! Not that I can do that at the moment of course. Note to self, speak nicely to my other half to be available to shift furniture.
The next stage is looking at the colours and pieces that will work well together in the display. This may be using colours that sit alongside each other comfortably, but could also mean incorporating a complimentary colour, which gives that much needed pop! Accessories can be items of age, such as the lovely vintage handmade tool box in this photo, and these are mixed up with new accessories to show how to build a ‘scene’ that you could mimic in your own home. Of course, what I hope to inspire is for you to play with your own interiors schemes at home by introducing a little #sourceforthegoosestyle!
Old wooden trunk with lid
Lastly, I ran a poll on the shop social media pages to look at alternative virtual shopping options. The favourite that won out overall was that I continued with Live sessions on social media, allowing people to be able to wander around the shop with me, from the comfort and safety of their own homes. If you aren’t already following the shop via those channels, head on over to Facebook or Instagram now and you will be able to watch (and possibly laugh at me being out of my comfort zone!) in the next instalment. If the thought of watching me online doesn't bear thinking about, and you are concerned about the safety of your visit to the shop itself, give me a call and I can set up a private visit just for you.
Keep safe everyone, and thank you once more for supporting this independent business.