Life at Source for the Goose in lockdown - the new normal

What’s the new normal for you? At Source for the Goose the pattern of the days are becoming familiar. It involves a much more virtual world than I was used to before, although I was pretty well up to speed with social media the new words in my vocabulary now are SEO, Zoom and blog!
Having overcome my fears and set up the new website with the possibility for people to ‘window shop’ in a new way, I’m so very pleased and grateful to those who have found me and have placed orders. It’s an ongoing process as I add more to the website, so please bear with me. It has been a surreal way of operating, as my preference will always be face to face, but I’m pleased to say that I have been able to replicate this in a way by phoning customers and discussing everything from Chalk Paint colours to describing shop items in more detail. That's so hard to do, when you are used to being visual with your hands and in a phone conversation they cannot be seen!
As you will see, I have been updating window displays to not only showcase the shop online but hopefully to bring a smile to peoples’ faces in South Molton as they walk by.
Product displays for photos have also now been taking place at home in my garden. I’ve had my daily exercise walking back and forth to the car unloading items and then loading them back again! With this wonderful weather, the light has been perfect for photos, I'm just trying to hide the brown grass that is the result of weeks without rain. My latest additions to the online shop will showcase these photo shoots, so I hope you enjoy them.
Lastly in this blog, is there anything you would like me to discuss on here. Perhaps a Show and Tell with customers’ Chalk Painted pieces? I do have another little surprise up my sleeve for you, which will need to wait for my next blog…. so in a parody of Bruce Forsyth, ‘keep watching’!