How to make the colour Plaster Pink with Chalk Paint

I love when I have the opportunity to sit with a coffee and an interiors magazine, don’t you? When you own an interiors business, they are a great source of inspiration. One trend I have been seeing was for paint the colour of newly plastered walls, everything from Farrow and Ball’s Setting Plaster to Dulux’ Fresh Plaster. With this lovely soft plaster pink in mind, I decided I wanted to see some furniture painted in a similar way.
 Annie Sloan Chalk Painted Furniture at Source for the Goose
Did you know that you can mix Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paints, giving you the opportunity to match a chalk paint colour to a fabric or wall paper choice? I was ready to play!
Where to start?
This is where Annie’s background in art and colour is so helpful in choosing colours. The colour chart and descriptions are designed to help you understand colour, what colours work well together and which are complimentary so will make each other pop.
What mix?
With the colour chart in hand, I started with Antoinette, a beautifully soft pink. To mimic the tone of plaster, I felt it needed to have a slightly ‘browner’ tone. Coco, a brown/grey colour that sits well with pinks and red, provided this perfectly.
Using a mix mat or a clean piece of paper, this is the fun bit and a bit like being back in school. Putting a blob of Antoinette on the mat, I added Coco gradually with my finger until I felt I had the colour I wanted. I have to admit there is no scientific rule to how to work out the amounts, its all done by eye! In this case it was approximately 1/3 of Coco to 1 of Antoinette.
With an idea of the proportions I needed, I was ready to mix a batch and start painting. Obviously, if you do mix a colour you need to ensure you make enough, as it is hard to get exactly the same colour if you mix a new batch!
Finished off with lashings of clear wax to protect the paint, I was very happy with the result. In fact so happy I painted more than one piece with this lovely plaster pink colour!
Plaster pink chalk painted mirror
It's soft almost calamine like tone would suit many styes from a romantic bedroom, to a retro kitchen. What do you think? Inspired, why not have a go yourself!
Love, Jill