Virtual Pop Up Event Saturday 9th May - What, Why, How and When!

Some of you may have noticed some activity on the shop’s social media feeds regarding a Virtual Pop Up Event on Saturday 9th May.
A virtual Pop Up - What?
You may have seen a few of these pop up (excuse the pun!) on social media. The idea being that they replicate an event such as a flea market or otherwise where people would normally gather in one place for, in this case, some retail therapy. A range of traders show and tell their products via social media posts, and browsers have the option to buy via a website, or via a Direct Message on Facebook or Instagram, or a comment on the post.
OK- Why?
Two reasons. I am going to be hanging out the virtual bunting to commemorate VE Day. As part of this, I will be making a donation from the proceeds on the day to The Poppy Factory, as this seemed an appropriate charity given the historical date.
Source for the Goose shop window display ready for a virtual pop up event
The Bunting Is Out - Ready for the Event!
Secondly, I am missing seeing people! I love being in the shop and have some wonderful regular customers and friends; we often put the world to rights and I miss that interaction. I know that this event will not replicate this but I hope it means that we can all get a bit of a buzz, even if you are only commenting on my posts to say ‘hello’.
OK - so How?
As I said above, this will be run via a series of posts on The Virtual Pop Up Company Facebook and Instagram pages, where you will see who is participating in the event. There will be descriptions of what their speciality is, and you can choose to continue on to their sites. On the day, I am going to have a Facebook Live session from 10.30am. Very scary, as I haven’t done one before, so wish me luck. Note to self - do not swear if technology fails!! I will be in the shop, so it will be a show and tell. You can comment whilst I’m Live, ask a question, or just a quick Hi. I’ll endeavour to answer all questions at the time, but it may mean my response is later. Hopefully allowances can be made, I’m new to this!
Last but certainly not least - When?
Saturday 9th May. Facebook Live at 10.30am - 11am (ish) but all sales on that day will generate a donation to The Poppy Factory. Please check out the Source for the Goose Lifestyle Shop prior to this, and you will see what I have for sale online. There will be items still not listed, but you can message me about these on the day if you see something you would like to know about. I’ll look forward to seeing you there….I’m off to get rid of the cobwebs in the shop!
Vintage style ceramic chicken
There'll be no chickening out of this - see you on Facebook Live!