Recreating Source for the Goose home interiors style made easy….

Visitors to Source for the Goose (in person and online) know that the shop is known for its stylish home interiors displays. I am lucky to have two big shop windows and enjoy changing these frequently for all to enjoy.  


Shop window display of enticing home interiors at Source for the Goose, Devon, UK

These range from showcasing garden furniture and ornaments in the Spring, to an enticing Christmas display later on in the year. I I am always clambering in and out of the windows. I lift big pieces of furniture into place, then pop outside to have a look to see how it’s all going.  Of course, this is with much advice from passersby on what I need to do to make the perfect home interiors shop display in Devon!  

shop window display of home interiors in green tones at Source for the Goose, Devon, UK


That is all very well, I hear you say, but where to start when trying to recreate this  style in your own home? 

This is where the easy step comes into play. 

You know how when you visit a website, you see lots of lovely items for sale?  However, you aren’t sure what item works well with another? By signing up for my VIP Email you will have regular emails which advise you of the latest products and inspirational photos from the shop of how to use these homewares to their best effect in your own home.



You’ve seen the shop window, now you know what works well together and it's ready for you to recreate at home.


Don't forget you can also follow the shop on my Instagram and Facebook pages, where I show snippets and videos of works in progress.
It is as simple as that! Are you ready to have a go? Tell me what inspired you, even better send me a photo of some Source for the Goose style in your home.
That's all for now, but make sure you check out my exciting news about being featured by Country Living!
Love, Jill