My Favourite Pintail Scented Candles for Winter

I know, I can feel how unsure you are, having arrived at this blurb wondering how Pintail Candles can be better than any other make for cosying up your home this winter.  Well read on for why I have chosen this brand for many years to be my preference for my scented candle collection. Over the years at Source for the Goose, I have been approached by many candle companies, but Pintail still win out for me.

Read on for the reasons why and my top choices this winter.

 Candles and Pintail Candles at Source for the Goose, Devon


  • This year Pintail Candles make choosing a scent easy, by listing the top 3 scent notes on the tin. So choosing the perfect scent has become even easier this year.  Read on to find out how…


Green tin Pintail Candles

Each scent will fill your whole room with its evocative notes, and will continue to do so until you have used up every last morsel of wax. Pintail Candles are renowned for not tunnelling, each candle melts evenly, meaning less waste.











  • A choice of size but for pure bliss I will always choose the Triple Wick candles. Without even being lit, this flat round tin, with its pretty toning wrapper, has an elegant and vintage style. Now, light your candle to see the three wicks adding to the gloriousness of these candles and not only will they scent your room, but will add such a pretty flickering light. 

 Nutmeg & cedar Pintail Candle at Source for the Goose


  • New design and colours have arrived this season. The range is now beautifully co-ordinated in soft tones of blue, green red and pink, finished off with the detail of the county of Cumbria where these are lovingly made.

Pintail Candles hand made in Cumbria



  • The proof is in the pudding for want of a better way to say it. Pintail Candles were established in 1993 and have been delivering quality scented candles ever since, all hand poured in their base in Cumbria.  As Samantha, the new owner says: ‘We see a lot of potential with Pintail Candles. We are all really excited to grow the business and bring fresh new scents to the market.’


And finally…. my favourites this year...


Sparkling Lime and Ginger - this is a strongly scented candles with citrus overtones made warm with an undercurrent of Ginger - this candle’s scent notes are Citrus, Spice and Warm


Fig & Wild Pear - this sweetly scented candle will have you dreaming of autumn fruits; with warming saffron to ensure the sweetness doesn’t overwhelm - this candle’s scent notes are Botanical, Sweet and Warm


Cinnamon & Orange - Christmas in a tin - need I say more? This candle will remind you of stir up Sunday, so evocative of the Christmas pudding mix. This candle’s scent notes are - Festive, Spice and Citrus.

Of course, that’s not to say I don’t love all the others as well!! Have a look at all the Scented Candles for Winter and see which one takes your fancy. 
These candles are so suited to a vintage Christmas, take some time to head over to my 5 top Christmas decorating ideas for a Vintage Home for more inspiration.
Love Jill x