Living with Lockdown 2.0 at Source for the Goose !

Here we are again, my first ever blog was written in lockdown, and so is this one. What's your new normal, read on to see what I have been up to....
My new normal has been to do ‘lives’ on both Facebook and Instagram, bringing Source for the Goose virtually into your home. For those of you who aren’t tech savvy (that included me!), this is where I go on camera ‘live’ on these platforms. You can see me, but I can’t see you. It’s quite surreal, as it feels like you are talking to yourself!
Jill Cobley - owner at Source for the Goose, Devon
Completely out of my comfort zone, I’ve appreciated those taking time out to watch and comment on the post as it is happening. It really makes my day, and receiving the message below from a customer was so special. It made the sleepless night before the ‘live’ worthwhile! The recordings are available to view on Facebook and Instagram. You can watch me make a fool of myself, from not knowing how to flip the screen on Instagram to knocking over a glass!
However, a little thing like a lockdown hasn’t stopped me from completing the Christmas window displays. I am also in the shop most days to sort out parcels and for click and collect, and it is so nice to hear comments from people out on their daily walk, or children on their way home from school, when they stop and look. It’s lovely being part of a small community!
I am so thankful to those who support my little business through the website, click and collect or just by picking up the phone and giving me a call. I am, of course, looking forward to welcoming you back through the doors on 2nd December - fingers crossed. I will continue to make the shop as Covid secure as I can, asking that you always sanitise on entering, and limiting numbers to make your shopping experience comfortable.
Christmas window at Source for the Goose, Devon
Lastly, I have new stock arriving, so watch out for the photos on Facebook and Instagram and of course in the shop online, and enjoy some Source for the Goose style! Who knows, I may even pop on your screen again to walk you virtually through the shop. Let me know if that is what you would like in the comments on this post.
Stay safe everyone, Jill