How to Introduce Vintage Style Homewares into your Home and Life

What does the term vintage style homeware mean to you? Do you see it as being ‘antiques’ that are there purely for show? Are you afraid that using a vintage item may mean you damage it? Read on for some tips on introducing some of these pieces into your home without the fear factor.


Let’s start with the kitchen and how you can utilise a vintage piece for both its beauty and usefulness.  An old dresser can be the perfect starting point. These lovely pieces are perfect for storage. Often with shelving that will easily keep your day to day crockery safe; where it is also simple to grab for a meal. How much more enjoyable is that then having to root through a cupboard to find it.



Keeping the kitchen in mind, old jugs and enamelware will provide years of use. Think about the life they have already seen. Green and cream enamel is a popular choice and a bread bin or storage tins such as these will provide visual pleasure as well as plentiful storage. No need to hide these away from view. Using old baskets or trunks can create a visual impact by adding height to a display; whilst once again being useful storage options. For more ideas on small pieces check out the vintage homeware collection.

Vintage green and cream enamelware


Coming away from the kitchen, let’s wander into the living room now. Chest of drawers may have seen years of service already -think Georgian or Victorian items - but there is plenty more life in these wonderful pieces. Use an antique bow front chest of drawers or perhaps a vintage pine piece as an alternative to a sideboard.

Georgian painted pine chest of drawers

Its drawers will provide plenty of places to store everyday items out of sight, whilst you can rotate a display on top to reflect the mood of the room. Place an old washstand jug on top with seasonal flowers for a simple look. Or perhaps something more quirky like I have here with the flower girl bust. 

Mahogany bow front chest of drawers



Smaller items of antique homeware are also a joy to add to a room. Small stools or benches provide not only additional seating but also the perfect spot to perch a cup of tea. You can soften the look of an old bench with some pretty new cushions; a perfect way to blend old with new. 

Vintage french wooden bench

Last but not least, introducing vintage style homewares into your home should be a moment where you fall in love with the item. Bring it into your house and enjoy!
If this has inspired you to start your journey or perhaps you are looking for a specific item, then keep an eye on the Furniture collection.  

Love Jill x

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