How to weatherproof your garden furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Do you have some tired garden furniture that needs some love?

Do you want to add some colour into your garden space?

Do you want a quick way of weatherproofing your garden furniture? 

Follow my simple instructions in how to do all of the above....


If you are new to Chalk Paint, the first thing to know is that in most cases there is no need to sand or prime your item. Just choose your colour and  you're off. 

  1. Paint your chosen item with Chalk Paint. (Quick tip- if the item you are painting has old flaky paint on it, this will need to be removed as it will push your lovely new colour off).
  2. Grab a tin of Annie Sloan Lacquer, stir really well, and apply a thin coat. (quick tip - stir really well, and check after you have lacquered for drips before they dry)
  3. Give it a couple of hours, and then apply another thin coat. (Quick tip - lacquer the feet of any item, as this will help prevent water finding its way up into the piece of furniture) 
  4. Allow to 'cure' overnight and your item is read to use. (quick tip - the curing process continues for the next couple of weeks to be fully waterproof)
  5. You're done! Sit back and enjoy your lovely painted masterpiece.

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Love Jill x